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Alistair Druett is moving on from Hayward Wright

With some sadness we have to announce that Alistair Druett is moving on from Hayward Wright in the new year, of course we all wish him the very best for his new challenge and we will continue to stay in touch and assist wherever we can.

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Girl, nine, crowned world puddle-jumping champion

Charlie Sleight competed against 400 people in the battle for one of the country's most bizarre titles.

A nine-year-old girl has been crowned the world puddle-jumping champion after defying her m… Continue Reading »

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12 of the best out of office emails to ever exist, Friday Fun

12 of the best out of office emails to ever exist
The most exciting part of going on holiday (Picture: Getty Images)

You know the feeling. You’ve written a handover, tidied your desk, and used the office printer to print out your … Continue Reading »

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Michael Gove gets stuck in toilet on first day of new job

Not the best start to a new job!

Former education secretary Michael Gove got stuck in a toilet on the first day of his new job as chief whip.

A light was cast on the embarrassing episode d… Continue Reading »

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Pilot Buys Pizzas For 160 Stranded Passengers

A US airline pilot has been praised after he purchased pizzas for 160 passengers on board a delayed flight to Denver.

Pic: Logan Torres
The pilot ordered 35 pizzas. Pic: Logan Torres

The Frontier Airlin… Continue Reading »

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