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RTI is working in spite of mistakes, says HMRC

Despite mistakenly sending late filing alerts to 400,000 organisations earlier this month, HMRC’s head of personal tax reassured AccountingWEB members that the real time reporting system for PAYE is working as it should.

RTI boiled back to the surface on 7 February when dozens of members started complaining about late filing alerts from the RTI generic notification system (GNS), when as far as they were concerned they had filed correct returns for the period to 5 February. They were the tip of an iceberg, as thousands of companies and advisers called software suppliers and HMRC to find out what they were supposed to do.

For those who were able to get through, the advice from HMRC’s helpdesk was to ignore the messages.

A few days later, HMRC announced that because of teething troubles around the RTI systems, the department would suspend automatic penalties for late filing until October 2014, and automatic penalties for late payment would not kick in until April 2015. This effectively extended the RTI “soft landing” period by an extra year. Employers who pay late under RTI between now and October, however, will be charged interest on the outstanding sums.

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