Tax Planning

Not everyone is aware that they have the right to arrange their personal or corporate tax affairs in a manner that will minimise the amount of tax they pay. Hayward Wright has a wealth of experience in tax planning that can improve both business and individuals’ tax positions.

From the most simple ideas such as timing of asset purchases or Capital Gains Tax disposal to more complex planning, our experts can discuss the risks and advice on which type of tax planning is best suited for your business and/or personal circumstances:
  • Non Resident Trusts to safeguard business property relief for trading companies and sheltering capital gains.
  • Inheritance Tax Planning to reduce or eliminate sizeable inheritance tax duties on large estates.
  • Pension Solutions that can, through asset control, provides access to the pension during working life and can help to avoid tax charges on death.
  • Asset Disposal to minimise tax liability.
  • Purchase Planning that may avoid capital gains tax or advance expenditure planning to help reduce corporation tax.
  • There are many ways in which a company may choose to mitigate its Corporation Tax (CT) liabilities, some simple and some extremely complex.

Tax savings can only be achieved if an appropriate course of action is planned in advance. It is therefore vital that professional advice is sought at an early stage.