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BRC: Shoppers 'using cash less than ever'

Shoppers are using cash to buy their goods less often than ever before, according to a survey by the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

Online sales and contactless cards are behind the 14% fall in cash use over the past five years, while debit card use has increased by 11%, the BRC said.

The BRC said the survey also showed banks are still levying "unjustifiably" high charges for using cards.

However, the UK Cards Association said the charges were still good value.

Cashing out

Cash accounted for 53% of the number of transactions in 2013, with debit cards accounting for 32%, the BRC said.

In terms of the value of transactions, however, cards accounted for 50% of transactions.

The average transaction value of purchases made with cards has fallen, the survey found.

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