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Act now to avoid RTI fines, tardy employers told

Employers face penalties at the end of the 2013/14 if they should have started using the real-time information (RTI) system but have not yet done so, HMRC have warned.

The department urged firms to act immediately, having already issued letters in June and September 2013 to urge employers to start reporting PAYE in real time as soon as possible.

Businesses that no longer need their PAYE scheme should inform the Revenue. Information on what to do when closing a scheme is on the Revenue’s website. If the employer has yet to make a report in real time for a live scheme, the taxman’s instructions should be followed regardless of whether or not payments have been made to workers.

Employers that have either made an RTI submission or closed their PAYE scheme since 14 February should ignore HMRC’s latest warning

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